Manali Himachal (Places to visit in Manali)

13+ Best Places to visit in Manali This Year

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling solo to find inner peace, backpacking with your besties on an adventure trip, or honeymooning with your beloved, Manali and its mountains will never cease to fascinate you. Many cultural gems in this hill town are unique to this part of the world, which has become a paradise for wanderers.

Several affordable hotels in Manali will accommodate your stay while providing you with the warm hospitality the region is known for.

                        (Places to visit in Manali)

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Manali is one of the most famous hill stations in India in today’s time. Manali is Situated in the upper hills of the Himalayas at 6700 ft altitude. Manali is famous for its Devdar, Pind forest, snowfall, and adventure activities.

First of all, we will talk about how you can reach Manali.

There is no personal airport or railway station in Manali, so the best option is by road. From Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla & Dharamshala you can take a Volvo bus or state Government bus to reach Manali. Whose rent is only around INR 800 to 1200 rupees.  It takes around 12 hours from Delhi to Manali and 8 hours from Chandigarh to Manali. 

Or you can also book a  flight to Bhuntar Airport if you are coming from outside the Northern Territory. After this, you can hire a cab for Manali which takes just 1 to 2 hours. 

After you reach Manali first of all take some rest. In Manali, you can easily find hotels, resorts, and homestays. I personally recommend you to stay in Old Manali. Manali is divided into two parts old Manali and new Manali.

Old Mall Road, shopping centers, and crowds of tourists are seen in New Manali. On the other hand, in Old Manali, you can find natural beauty, peaceful vibes, and less crowded areas. Hence Old Manali is the best option to stay in Manali. 

You can rent a bike or car from here to explore Manali better. The bike rental would be around 600 to 1500 per day. And the car rental would be about 1500 to 2500 per day.

But if you do not have experience of driving on adventure roads then you can book a cab whose driver has experience of driving on these roads.
[ Let us know some names of places to visit in Manali]

Here is the list of top Attractions places to visit in Manali.

1. Solang Valley

2. Jogini Waterfalls

3. Hadimba Temple

4. Rohtang Pass

5 Manali Sanctuary

6. The Manali Gompa

7. Bhrigu Lake

8. Hampta Pass

9. Van Vihar

10. Vashisht Hot Water Springs and Temple

11. Kothi

12. Great Himalayan National Park

13. Old Manali

14. Jagatsukh


Now the time has come for us to know about the places to visit in Manali.

1. Solang valley (Manali)

Solang-Valley ( Places to visit in Manali)
         Solang Valley (Places to visit in Manali) | #1 of 14 Best Places to Visit in Manali

Solang valley is also known as the ‘snow point’ which is just 14 kilometers far away from Manali. During the winter season, the lush green nature of Solang Valley transforms into huge snow and ski slobbers. In Solang Valley, you can easily find paragliding, zorbing, skiing, horse riding, ATV bike riding, and many other adventure sports. 

And if you want to do any professional adventure course then you can easily enroll. Mountaineering Institutes in Himachal Pradesh run these courses.

Solang Valley is the gateway to the cold desert Lahaul region of Himachal Pradesh. And if you want to visit the world’s highest tunnel which is situated at an altitude of 10,000 feet named Rohtang Tunnel, then you can easily go to the tunnel from Solang Valley.

Location:  Solang Valley, VPO Palchan, Manali, Distt. Kulu, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Timing: If you want to enjoy the lush green nature then summer is the best time to visit, and if you want to enjoy snowfall then December to February is a good time to visit.

Highlight: Best point of Solang valley is the snowfall.


2. Jogini Waterfalls (Manali)

Jogini-Waterfalls (Places to visit in Manali)
 Jogini-Waterfalls (Places to visit in Manali) | #2 of 14 Best Places to Visit in Manali

The first way to reach Jogni Falls is from Vashishtha Temple, where you must trek for at least 3 km. You can also find small shops on the way to Jogini Falls.

This trek is a little bit looks like difficult for elders and children. Because some tourist has to face small thin treks with 30 to 40-degree straight. But after you reach the destination the view of the waterfall is speechless. 

The best time to visit this waterfall is during the monsoon season. The water level of the waterfall is at its peak in this season. Jogini waterfalls are one of the main attraction points in Places to visit in Manali. 

Location: On waterfall way V.P.O.-Vashist 3km Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Timing: The best time to visit is during the Monsoon season.

Highlight: The village is sacred to Goddess Jogini and hence a place of female power, known as Shakti Peetha.


3. Hadimba Temple (Manali)

 Devi Hadimba Temple.
                 Devi Hadimba Temple (Places to visit in Manali) | #3 of 14 Best Places to Visit in Manali
Hadimba Devi Temple is situated in the district of Manali. Which is known as a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba devi, the wife of Bhima, which is a figure Indian epic of Mahabharta.

This temple is only 3 km away from Old Manali. On the way to Old Manali’s Hidimba Temple, you smoothly find a forest where the sunlight cuts through the tall deodar trees – seemed magical✨.

If you do not find peace in the temple premises then you should go to the surrounding forest where you should spend some time. If you are an animal lover then you can also click some pictures with rabbits and yaks on the way.

Location: 65XJ+88P, Hadimba Temple Rd, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

Timing: If you travel during the summer season, you can quickly get a cold wave. And if you want to see snow, you must visit in the winter season.

Highlight: The temple is built around a cave where Devi Hidimba performed meditation.


4. Rohtang Pass (Manali)

 Rohtang Pass (Places to visit in Manali)
Rohtang Pass (Places to visit in Manali) || #4 of 14 Best Places to Visit in Manali

Manali is the only place from where the journey to Rohtang begins. The distance between Manali to Rohtang is just around 51 kilometers. During the monsoon months and after that, you will find greenery everywhere in Manali. This is the most beautiful form of Manali.

To reach Rohtang from Manali, you must first drive up to Palchan. From Palchan, the direct road leads to Atal Tunnel. Diversion has to be taken to reach Rohtang Pass. And you have to drive on the road of Kothi and Gulab. After driving approximately 13 km from Manali, you will reach Kothi village. Kothi village is the last inhabited village in the entire Kullu district. After Kothi village, you will not see any house or town till Rohtang pass.

You can take a stop approximately 2 km before reaching the top of Rohtang Pass. And you can see a very beautiful or holy place here named Beas Kund. After 2 kilometers you reach Rohtang pass. Where you can a very beautiful scenic view. And you can enjoy the little moments of life in Rohtang pass.

Rohtang Pass is one of the main attraction points of Tourister In Places to visit in Manali.

Location: Leh Manali Highway, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. – Height: 3978 meters above the sea level

Timing: Best time to visit this pass is just during the season of Summer and Moonson. 

Highlight: In Rohtang pass, you see yourself at 3978 high meters above sea level.


5. Manali Sanctuary(Manali)

Manali Sanctuary(Manali)
                   Manali Sanctuary (Places to visit in Manali) || #5 of 14 Best Places to Visit in Manali

Manali wildlife sanctuary is located just 2 km far away from Manali town. Manali Sanctuary was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1954. In the catchment of Manalsu Khad, the sanctuary begins just behind Manali town and extends into the mountains behind it. Its path leads to the sanctuary through dense Deodar, Kail, Horse chestnut, Walnut, and Maple forests from the log huts and Dhungri temple in Manali.

Here are some of the best attractions animals are Musk deerMonal and Brown bearLeopard and Snow leopards are some of the common animals seen here. Herds of ibex are generally seen migrating in the summer season. This sanctuary cover an area is just around 31.8 square kilometers.

Location: 2 ground floor Pnb building, mall road, road, Dhungri Village, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. 

Timing: Best time to visit this Sanctuary is the winter season. Because Herds of ibex are generally seen migrating in the summer season

Highlight: Here you can see a number of different species Musk deer, Monal, & Leopard, and Snow Leopards.

Entry Fee: Entry fees for this Sanctuary are INR 20 for Adults & INR10 for Children.


6. The Manali Gompa(Manali)

The Manali Gompa (Manali)
The Manali Gompa || #6 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

This Manali Gompa was built in the 1960s. It is one the best tourist places to visit in Manali and a famous gathering place of Buddhists from Lahaul, Nepal, and Tibet. This Gompa is Famous for its wall Paintings, Chortens, and a large statue of Lord Buddha.

In recent years a large number of refugees from neighboring Tibet make this hill station their hometown. And it was by them this famous monastery was constructed. This lively and pleasing monastery is well known for its pagoda-style yellow roof. Gadhan Gompa is shown an image of lord Budha. 

Location: Manali Gompa (Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa), Manali Center, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Timing: You can visit this gompa between 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Highlight: In this monastery houses a huge gold-faced statue of Lord Buddha.


7. Bhrigu Lake(Manali)

Bhrigu- Lake(Manali)
 Bhrigu Lake (Places to visit in Manali) || #7 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

Bhrigu lake trek is a 4-day trek and it’s located near Manali. And the height of this trek is just around 14000 feet. To visit this trek there is a certain time period. You can only visit in the months of Mid June, July, August, September, and Ist first week of October.

Now when you want to time this trek depends upon what want you to see, Is it snow, or Is it greenery?

So if it is snow then you must visit in June, at this time you can easily find snow. Or the hand if you want to see greenery which is miles and miles long then you must have to visit in  August or September months.

Location: Bashisht, Himachal Pradesh, 175104, Manali, India

Timing: Best time to visit this lake is between August and September months.  

Highlight: When you trek in these months you see a few of the best Grassland of Himachal Pradesh.


8. Hampta Pass(Manali)

Hampta-Pass (Places to visit in Manali)
 Hampta-Pass (Places to visit in Manali) || #8 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

Hampta pass trek is one of the most popular and moderate treks in present-time Manali. The Hampta is situated at a height of 14000 feet. This trek start from the Kullu region with lush green nature and ends in the desert of Spiti.

During this trek, you can see a lot of flowers, lots of snow, and a lot of greenery. It’s all about depending on you what you want to see. If you want to enjoy snow then June and July months is a good options. But if you want to see greenery then you should have to visit in the months of August and September. when you visit this trek you can also make a plan for Chandra Tal lake.

Location: Hampta Pass Trek Himalayan Mountain Sojourns, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Timing: You can visit this trek between June to September Months

Highlight: Trek start from the Kullu region with lush green nature and ends in the dry desert of Spiti.


9. Van Vihar(Manali)

 Van-Vihar (Places to visit in Manali) || #9 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

This van-vihar is situated in front of the Tibetan market on mall road in Manali. The distance between this park and to Manali bus stand is just 750 meters.

If you’re looking for peace, then you need to visit this park. This park has so many deodar trees that touch the sky and the light cuts through them like a magic object. The Beas river flows along the bank of this park, which is home to several species of birds in the morning. There is also a man-made lake located here, where boating is the park’s main attraction, so you can visit it if you like.

Location: Located near Tibetan market on Mall Road, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Timing: You can visit this park between 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. 

Highlight: In this park, you can find some peace and a fresh breeze.


10. Vashisht Hot Water Springs and Temple(Manali)

   Vashisht-Hot-Water-Springs-and-Temple || #10 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

Vashisht temple is situated 3.5 kilometers far away from the Manali bus stand. This temple is dedicated to lord Rishi Vashisht. This temple is among the most famous places to visit for Manali tourists. It is believed that the Vashisht temple is more than 4000 years old.

In this temple, there is a black stone picture of Rishi Vashisht wearing a dhoti. The temple is decorated with crafts of wood. Which gives the temple an attractive view.

There is also another attraction point known as the Vashisht hot water spring. This hot water spring has its own unique medicinal value. It is believed that this spring has cured many skin diseases. Many people go to Vashisht baths and take a dip and get rid of some skin diseases and infections.

Location: Hot Water Spring, Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, 175103

Timing: There is no accurate time, anytime is a good time to visit. 

Highlight: The scenic view of this temple, spring has its own unique Medicinal value.


11. Kothi(Manali)

Kothi, Places to visit in Manali(Himachal Pradesh)
 Kothi (Manali) (Places to visit in Manali) || #11 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

Kothi village is situated at a distance of 14 kilometers from the Manali Bus Stand, and just 7.5 kilometers from the Gulaba Valley. You can visit this village along with the route of Rohtang pass. Kothi village is one of the main attractions of the point by Tourister when they are going to climb Rohtang pass by foot. At that time they used Kothi as a camping sight.

The view of this beautiful valley is just worth watching. There are a number of songs, series, and movies that have been shot at this place. when you visit this village you are standing at a height of 2500 meters altitude. And the view of the ranges with snow is just worth less. So the best time to visit this village is mentioned below.

Location: Towards Gulaba, Manali, On Leh – Manali Highway.

Timing: Best time to visit this place is between May to October months. 

Highlight: This village is to believed be the ideal site for writers, Painters, and many more.


12. Great Himalayan National Park

Great_Himalayan_National_Park_Mountain || #12 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

The great Himalayan national park is located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. This park is established in 1984. At that time this park covered an area of 1171 km2.  This park is a habitat for a lot of numbers of flora and fauna.

More than 375 + species of fauna are found in the area, including 31 mammals, 181 birds, 3 reptiles, 9 amphibians, 11 annelids, 17 mollusks, and 127 insects. Under the guidelines of the 1972 wildlife protection act, all of them are protected.

The great Himalayan National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2014.

Location: Forest Office Rd, Shamshi, Himachal Pradesh 175126, The Great Himalayan National Park(office).

Timing:  You can visit every day between 10.00 am to 5.30 pm.

Highlight:  Here you can see different species which is more than 375+.


13. Old Manali(Manali)

Old Manali, Places to visit in Manali.
      Old Manali (Places to visit in Manali) || #13 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

There is a belief that Old Manali is the oldest part of the town. In spite of the fact that Old Manali is only 3 kilometers away from the Manali bus stand, it took us more than 30 minutes to cover this distance. This is due to the congested area.

It is easier to find less traffic and less crowded areas in Old Manali, and it is also cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than New Manali. Old Manali has a beautiful view of the mountains. You can also venture for some old-fashioned coffee crawls at some of the most popular cafes in Manali and go for some affordable shopping there.

Location: Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131, India


Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
March to June 10-25°C Summer – Comfortably warm
July to September 10-16 °C Monsoon – Heavy and torrential rainfall
October to February -1°C Winter – Chilly

Highlight:  In Old, Manali is famous for its hand-crafted clothes which include woolen shawls, and sweaters.


14. Jagatsukh(Manali)

Jagatsukh (Manali) Places to visit in Manali
Jagatsukh(Manali) (Places to visit in Manali) || #14 of 14 Best Places to visit in Manali

Jagatsukh village is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Manali. The village is located 7 kilometers from the main town and has a hot water spring that attracts many tourists. It’s the most convenient place to enjoy a day with friends or take a picnic.

Deo Tibba Mountain trekkers can base themselves in Jagatsukh when trekking in these mountains. Manali region is home to the Devi Sharbali temple, which is one of the main attractions for tourists.

Location: Jagatsukh, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India, Pin Code:- 175143

Timing:  Best time to visit during March to June. 

Highlight: In Jagatsukh you can see the lush green nature, with scenic views.


Wrapping up—->

It is our goal in this blog to provide you with information about the most popular places to visit in Manali. Manali is an outstanding place to enjoy your trip with friends and family. You can also go here for your honeymoon; you can see picturesque mountains with waterfalls that create a spectacular view. In case you are interested in spending more time in the mountains, you can also visit Shimla, where you will find information about such Places to explore in Shimla.

There is also information available for such beautiful Places to visit in Amritsar.

The upcoming blog post will provide you with detailed information on such places to visit in Spiti or Leh. This will be useful for those who love bike riding solo or in a group.

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